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Danny P.
Ann is a very attentive and knowledgeable mental health professional. The group modality was strange for me at first but I’ve come to believe in the power of it.l, mostly through the very helpful work we did together under Ann’s guidance. Ann has a great way of being very supportive and also not mincing words. She leads well, has a lot of insight to share, and also gives the group room to work and grow ourselves. I would highly recommend her and her colleague Steven to my friends and neighbors.
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Christy R.
Ann has been very supportive during challenges I faced in my life. Prior to her, I had seen multiple therapists, and had been given multiple diagnoses. My time with Ann had released me from previous definitions and the work we did together led to me to different places in my life. Ann is an active listener, she is honest, and asks questions that will assist you out of walls that you or others may have unknowingly created for yourself. I see that Ann genuinely cares, and she does this with purpose. I recommend her endlessly.
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Victoria D.
I have been seeing Ann for over four years now - she is extremely attentive, compassionate and extremely educated. She challenges you in a way that fosters personal growth and perspective. I feel that she is now more of a friend than a therapist, I highly recommend Ann and her practice!
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Brenda C.
I’ve been working with Ann for a while now and she has changed my life in many ways. She has helped me manage my anxiety and overcome depression to the point that I am living a fuller life. She is insightful, kind, caring, and supportive. I feel very lucky to have found her and to be a part of her weekly group which I never thought I’d want to be involved in.
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Elizabeth W.
...I've seen countless different psychiatrists and therapists over the years, but Ann has been the only one to ask me the right questions, to push me out of my comfort zone, to help me to start to accept myself. The work is challenging and sometimes frustrating, but Ann understands that and is committed to helping her patients work through those complications.
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Kaitlin B.
Working with Ann has been a great experience and I’m so happy to have found her practice. Highly recommend for anyone looking for care.
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Sheryl R.
Ann and Steve provide a safe, warm, and inviting environment that stimulates people in a group therapy setting to open up and share for purposeful, life changing growth that will help you in your personal life and the business world. All members are invited to bring any topics because it is beneficial to everyone. All members are encouraged to participate as it rounds out the experience. I highly recommend!!!!!!
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Celestina C.
Wonderful, challenging, and truthful. I highly recommend Ann and her co-therapist Steven to anyone who wants more out of life. Group therapy or social therapy is just that – social. It is a rare opportunity to meet many people from all different backgrounds, and all work on becoming better together. It can be intimidating to bring your problems to one person, let alone a group, but you get to hear many perspectives that you never thought of before, and you are richer for it. Ann and Steven are not passive therapists, but actively give opinions readily, and will call you out when needed. (I needed this.) They participate in group discussions with you, and along with my groupmates, I now consider them friends. I owe them everything.
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Abigail B.
Ann has helped me grow as both a human and as a therapist myself. She has offered me new ways of thinking about life’s challenges and how to perform differently in relationships. I am not sure if I would be where I am today without her guidance, wisdom, human experience and loving nature.

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Discover a path to emotional resilience and growth with our leading telehealth and in-person therapy services. Psych Options NYC, located in midtown Manhattan (near Penn Station), offers life-changing care for people struggling with depression, anxiety, loneliness, trauma, despair, family or relationship conflicts and workplace stress.  

Your Journey to Wellness Begins Now. 

We all face difficult or painful life situations. Depression or anxiety may overwhelm us. Yet “knowing what’s wrong” often isn’t enough. Perhaps this is one of those moments for you or your family. You're emotional state is impacting your work, your relationships, your life! Yet, even in the midst of this turmoil, you know that more is possible.  In a safe and trusting environment, you will have an opportunity to open up and talk about what's on your mind, take positive risks and discover new parts of yourself.  Sharing in a therapeutic conversation will give you a deeper appreciation and understanding of the possibilities for your personal transformation.

Tailored Mental Health Care, Just for You. 

Ann Green offers comprehensive services from individual, group and couples therapy.  Ann is also uniquely positioned to supplement your therapy with medication management when needed and designs her care in collaboration with you. This holistic approach ensures that your care is seamlessly integrated to support your specific needs, your path to healing and to create new possibilities for your emotional growth.

You can "Book Now" if you're ready to schedule an initial consultation.  To learn more about her services click on "Request a Call Back," fill out the brief form and Ann will reach out to answer any questions you may have. 

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How I Can Help
Let’s dig into some of the issues you’re facing, the painful life experiences that are holding you back. We can change your relationship to those experiences and, rather than being paralyzed by them, grow from them. Let’s work on the conflicts with family or friends and become more empowered. Let’s get to work to help you feel better, open up your options and create new possibilities in your life.

Transform Your Life And Grow With An Experienced Psych Nurse Practitioner & Psychotherapist In New York State.

Get help and develop new emotional tools to deal with the pain and challenges in your life.
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