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Hello, I’m Ann Green, psychiatric nurse practitioner and certified social therapist.

I have been in practice offering individual, couples, family and group therapy for over 3 decades. I am a founding member of a radically humanistic, non-diagnostic, non-problem oriented therapeutic approach called social therapy, which is integrative, collaborative, relational and holistic. I have helped people from all walks of life and all ages with particular expertise in helping people with depression and anxiety.

My career includes working in a number of psychiatric facilities, and more recently working with children, adolescents and homeless youth in outpatient settings. I received my Master’s degree as a psychiatric nurse practitioner from Hunter-Bellevue School of Nursing, where I was awarded the Certificate of Merit for Demonstrated Commitment in Professional Leadership for my years of service as a psychotherapist and advocate for those with psychiatric diagnoses.

With hundreds of my colleagues across the country and internationally, I have been active in the mental health field promoting humanistic therapeutic approaches starting with my early involvement in the human potential movement to my current immersion in the latest innovations in mental health and human development. This includes my current position as pro-bono director of professional outreach at the East Side Institute for Group and Short-Term Psychotherapy, the home of social therapy and an international training and research center for new approaches to psychology, education and community building.

I believe we are all capable of growth, development and creativity even in our darkest moments.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss your options and opportunities to grow. My practice is LGBTQ friendly.

Emotional Stability
Emotional Growth

We all face difficult or painful life situations
in which “knowing what’s wrong” isn’t enough.

Perhaps this is one of those moments for you.  Questioning the cause of our emotional distress, whether it’s chemical, genetic, family history or some combination can create further confusion.  We can work to demystify what’s going on and create possibilities for moving forward. If anxiety, depression, anger, obsessive thinking or unstable mood are overwhelming, let’s work to stabilize you and your life circumstances.  

Often people seeking help consider psychiatric medications. Others seek help to address their issues more holistically. Some seek help to taper off medications

We can consider and offer all these options.

Please call or email me to arrange an initial consultation. I look forward to speaking with you.

Services Offered:

Individual Psychotherapy
Group Therapy
Couples Therapy
Family Therapy
Life Coaching Services
Psychiatric Evaluations
Medication Management
Tapering Off Medications

Stress, Anxiety and Panic Attacks
Depression and Mood Swings
Loss, Grief and Trauma
Self-Destructive Behavior

My visits with Ann Green have always been time well spent. She has been instrumental in my personal growth and I highly recommend her.

I’ve seen many different therapists at low points in my life, but Ann is the only one that I’ve stuck with after I felt like I was out of the woods. I did 1-on-1 sessions with her for about 6 months, then transitioned to a group that she leads, which has been going for about a year now. A few things about Ann that stand out to me, in no particular order: 1) She doesn’t suggest or tell you what to do. Rather, she helps you find different ways of looking at a subject, and works with you to examine your thoughts and behaviors and how they’re serving you. 2) She’s not afraid to push you, and there have definitely been times when we’ve argued. The difference between Ann and other therapists I’ve had is that I feel like we can then actually talk about why that happened, and work on our relationship as well. 3) Her warmth and demeanor. She is genuinely engaged in her patients’ growth and it’s clear in session that she’s working just as hard as you. 4) She doesn’t believe in the “traditional” therapist/patient relationship wherein the patient knows nothing about the therapist, which was odd at first to me, but I’ve come to really cherish. She views sessions as relationship-building conversations, as a way to build something together. As a result, Ann is a real person to me, not just someone I complain to once a week, and I value our relationship in ways that I never valued other therapists. 5) She thinks really critically about medication decisions and discusses them thoroughly with you, and is not medication-happy nor medication-averse. She relates to you as a person, not a diagnosis. In short: I highly recommend working with Ann.

I’ve dealt with depression and social anxiety for the most part of my life and had struggled to find the right path. Ann is deeply invested in her patients and treatment methods, as well as continuing to educate herself in her field. A session with her is a breath of fresh air and continuing to see her has opened a whole new perspective on treatment for me.
I would highly recommend Ann Green to anyone. I’ve had many therapists and psychiatrists over the years and none of them come close in comparison to Ann. She truly cares about her patients and is just a wonderful human being with incredible insight and wisdom. I’ve grown more in her care over the past few years than I have in twenty years prior. That’s a testament to her so if you’re searching for someone don’t look further because I guarantee there’s no one better who both prescribes medication and provides real therapy that can truly change your life.

I’ve been working with Ann for a short time but I look forward to continuing our work together and I am very grateful for what she has already provided for me and my family.

Ann is the first therapist I’ve seen that I have actually stuck with and I was able to tell from the very first session that her style would be a good fit for me. An immediate welcoming, honest, empathetic and non- judgmental tone was set from the start and she has helped me to re-think everything I once believed about mental illness in a refreshing, new way. This has allowed me to focus on building my relationships by looking closely at the part I play in each interaction I have and move myself towards growth in a most constructive and positive way. Highly recommend.

We still have a ways to go but are much further along than prior to meeting Dr. Green. My children and I continue to benefit from her guidance. I particularly like her style. Ms. Green is gentle and respectful but firm and truthful. (Thanks for your continued assistance in helping to mend our family!) Ms. Green is an asset to her profession. I would not hesitate to recommend her.

Ann can hear the essence even in the messiest of talks. She helps me find the right words that ring true to me deep in my being. She brings me back to the center of my problems so that I can face them. I feel mutual respect and understanding in our work together. I highly recommend Ann as a psychiatric nurse.

Consider Group Therapy

We live our lives socially and relationally . . .

. . . in group you discover that while we all experience pain as individuals, we “get better”—that is, we grow and develop emotionally—with others. Group therapy is an environment where you can enhance your capacity for getting close to people, to interact, connect, learn, work and play with others. Group therapy helps you be more assertive, to ask for what you need and share your thoughts and feelings – to communicate honestly, directly and openly.

As you develop the skills to help the group grow, to lead rather than react or control, you will grow. You will gain a deeper awareness of who you are while at the same time, play with and perform who you are becoming. Think of group as an emotional gym where you develop emotional strengths!

We currently have openings in our Monday night group. and Tuesday night group.

If you are considering group therapy, please call or email me to schedule a consultation

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  • Insurance

    I am an out-of-network provider and work with CIGNA, Aetna, BC/BS and other out-of-network programs. I submit all necessary paperwork. Please call your insurance provider to determine your coverage.

  • Payment

    Cash, check and all major credit cards accepted for payment at the time of service.

  • Fees

    $200 for an initial consultation

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