Depression services offered in Manhattan, New York, NY

Located in Manhattan in the Garment District and near Penn Station

Depression has been rising in recent years, and now a survey says that 18% of adults currently have depression and an estimated 29% have struggled with the condition during their lifetime.  For many, depression becomes overwhelming.  Feelings of sadness, powerlessness, hopelessness, worthlessness, lack of motivation are painful.  Significant life changes become challenging.  At Psych Options NYC (in Manhattan in the heart of the Garment District and near Penn Station),  Psych Options offers individual, group and couples therapy as well as medication management when needed.  In person and virtual appointments are available to anyone who lives or works in New York State. Call today or use online booking to schedule an initial consultation and start your journey to creating a fresh, positive, and fulfilling life.

Depression Q&A

Everyday life affects your mood.  Since the pandemic so much of life has changed.  Returning to creating your life has become more challenging.  You may have pressures at your job, have conflicts with your partner or friends, struggles with your family.  You may be dealing with loss, life transitions, failures, to give a few examples.

If you're thinking about what this year will bring and how things will go ... in your work, with friends, with loved ones, in the world or maybe you want to continue to grow but feel unclear on what comes next, we are here to help you build and grow with you.  Whether your depression is mild or severe, consider scheduling an initial consultation.

You will find support for overcoming depression at Psych Options NYC. Call the office or use online booking to begin your journey toward healing.