I'm Anxious and Depressed! How can Therapy Help?

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I'm Anxious and Depressed! How can Therapy Help?

There is certainly a lot to be concerned about these days.  It’s becoming harder and harder to muster enthusiasm for creating our lives in this world.  In the midst of continuous uncertainty, many are greeting each morning with sadness, feelings of hopelessness, depression or anxiety.

21 million adults in the United States have reported at least one depressive episode, and  19.1% of adults have been diagnosed with anxiety.  Loneliness is reported to be a global epidemic, and the NY Times reports a new phenomenon, post-pandemic languishing, as we venture to re-enter a social world.

Whether you're struggling with feelings of despair, or you’re someone who’s stressed at work, having anxiety attacks or simply finding it hard to face the world, here at Psych Options NYC, we want you to know that help and support are available.  Ann Green, NP helps you create the tools you need to heal, to thrive and move your life forward. Medication management is available, as an option to supplement therapy.

Be ready for help (and change)

When you're grappling with a mental health issue like anxiety or depression, taking the necessary steps to help yourself can seem insurmountable. However, just taking that step can be the beginning of taking action to move your life forward.  Knowing that you have support to address your issues can be extremely relieving.

Recognizing the need for help - is an action that says you're ready to grow and make positive changes.

There are no silver bullets or magic pills to improve your mental health.  There may, however, be some hard choices you need to make, some life challenges you may have to face.  You don't have to face them alone.

Be ready for acceptance

So much emotional pain is created by self-rejection, self-judgments, or even self-hatred.  At our practice, we believe that overcoming most mental health issues, especially ones like anxiety and depression, must include getting help to radically embrace and accept who you are and where you are in your life.  This is a condition for working on your emotional growth and becoming who you want to be.

Radically accepting who you are will lead to ending the battle with yourself, an exhausting and mostly futile effort.  

Be ready to practice

During your therapy sessions, whether individual or group therapy, we provide you with tools to get closer to your emotions and learn new ways of expressing them.  Through this social therapeutic practice, you'll develop more agency and become empowered to engage the issues in your life.  

If you'd like to embark on a journey toward feeling better, we invite you to contact our New York City office in Manhattan (in the heart of the Garment District and near Penn Station) to schedule an in-person or virtual consultation.