About Ann Green, NP

Therapist in Manhattan, New York, NY

Ann Green, NP

Ann Green, NP is a progressive practitioner who brings intelligence, warmth and creativity to her work. Ann's deep concern for the inequities of the world informs her therapeutic work of helping people transform their lives.

Ann began her search for new methods to social and personal change as a young adult.  She earned a Masters in Nursing as she continued her studies in new approaches to psychology, politics and philosophy.

Focused on developing a progressive approach to therapy that is humanistic, effective, methodologically sound and available to all, she has been a co-creator and practitioner of social therapy and has devoted over 35 years to helping people grow, develop and transform their lives.  

In today's world, many people are struggling with loneliness, despair, anxiety and depression. This is where therapy comes in, making healing, growth, and joy possible, breaking out of our isolation, learning that it's a strength to ask for help, overcoming painful life experiences, creating more intimacy in our lives and creating hope and possibility. 

Ann’s approach is collaborative, relational, philosophical and empowering.

Her focus on group therapy is unique, creating environments where people can develop trust, feel supported to be themselves and practice stepping out of their comfort zones and perform who they want to be.  They learn to have hard, honest conversations, face conflicts and fears, and build a new way of responding to and being in the world.

Ann welcomes people of all ages who need support to overcome their life and mental health challenges. She treats a wide range of conditions, including depression, anxiety and trauma-related emotional distress.