About Steven Licardi, LCSW

Therapist in Manhattan, New York, NY

Steven Licardi, LCSW
Steven Licardi, LCSW is an autistic / neurodivergent clinician, sci-fi writer, spoken word poet, artist, and performance activist. He was raised in New York and has recently returned to New York after five years in rural SW Virginia.  Steven is building his private practice which is informed by Social Therapeutics, anti-racism, the Mad pride movement, disability justice, and global efforts towards liberation and decolonization. In addition to working with adults and couples, Steven brings his experience working with children and families in rural Appalachia, which has given him a deep investment in the experiences of communities in rural as well as urban areas, particularly the 2SLGBTQIA+* communities. 
Steven holds licenses in New York State and the Commonwealth of Virginia. He received his Master's in Social Work from the School of Social Welfare at Stony Brook University, with a concentration in politics and social policy. He also received his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology & Philosophy from SBU. 
With Ann Green, Steven co-leads 3 groups at Psych Options NYC.